if you pick a fight with yourself,

don’t let you stop fighting until you know it’s the good right part that’s won.

I am quite sorry I have not spoken to many of you friends too recently. I have been in a strange cocoon of philosophical solidification and mental reprogramming. It’s all quite good though, and I shall get back to my scheduled online presence as promptly as I can. Stay gold, no fears.

i’ve been staring at this for a few hours just working out the composition and i still see 5999 ways i could do things different but i’ve changed it so many times lmao stop it is break time kisa look at it later

Aaaand now I am legitimately licensed (:

Fuck you bitch, I’m actin’ brand new
Fuck you bitch, my shirt brand new
Fuck you bitch, my shoes brand new
Fuck you bitch, I’m actin’ brand new


do you ever feel kinship with a complete stranger

Waiting for Josh in the break room at work, scribbled a Drowzee.

I’m 20 so that’s cool (:

Ayo! Your friendly neighborhood keysaw is taking commissions once again. I don’t wanna call them emergency commissions, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t hurtin’ bad for some change right now. I’m also aching very much to do more digital art, and I hope you the reader is aching to receive it.

I’m offering two different styles right now: ink and paint.

The first three drawings up there (srry they’re all homestuck lol) are inked style with basic coloring:
x x x

The just lines price bracket includes only the inked lineart, of course, in a solid color.

The next three are done in the painted style (plus 4th additional example):
  x x x x

This takes me a little longer to do because I’m newer with it than inks. Therefor, the price on painted will vary depending on the complexity and detail of the subject, generally.

Furries, mechs, porn (though I’m not super pro at nsfw yet so pls be warned) — all of it’s probably cool, I’m down to try most things. Just gotta chat it out on an individual basis and I’ll let you know of any red flags if ever.

ALSO I can easily draw monsters, Pokemon, and various other animals and beasts. If you’d like to see examples and maybe get a commission of one of those, that’s way cool too and I will show you what I got. I can’t put a solid price number on that, but be assured they’ll be close to the same price as the equivalent of a human/humanoid character commission~. And also, I recommend you check out my blog to see all the other snazzy things I can potentially do for us.

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS will always have a $5 discount per character. For example, if you ordered a lines+color half body of two characters, the first would be $20 straight up, the second character would be an additional $15, the third character an additional $10, etc.

If interested, contact me by ask or by sending e-mail to welldamndude@gmail.com

So, you! Go round up all them coins you got laying around the house and in your car, hit up a coinstar and get yourself some hella radical artworks and help a fellow regular human with survival a little longer in this world.
Even if ya can’t buy now, spare me a reblog and let’s boost this shit all turbo.
Thank you and GET STOKED!!